Brief history of IDERE

Idere is one of the seven principal towns in Ibarapa area of Oyo stste. It is an ancient and legendary town in Yoruba Land, South west, Nigeria. An Oyo prince named Oshinkola left Oyo oro as an Oba (King) in search of a domain to settle in company of their mystical mother called AYE after loosing the throne of Alaafin to his elder brother. He settled at Ibona while still on the look out for the ordained location, his son Oba Olunlade took over the throne after his demise.

The third, Oba Oyewole moved from Ibona to Igbole Oko Oba where Oba Ogbonnu, Oba Olubioku also reigned. Oba Olunloye was also installed at Igbole Oko oba and he was the one that moved the community to Idere Hills and environment. Oba Akinso was installed and reigned on the Idere Hills. It was Oba Olufiji that brought his people to the present site. Eight Obas (Kings) have ruled at the present site before the incumbent - Oba Kingsley Onikola Oyelami (Olufiji II) who ascended the throne in year 2000 - till date. May his reign continue to be peaceful and prosperous.

Idere is divided into four quarters namely Oke Oba, Apa, Onigbio and Koso. There are about seventy two clans under these four(4) quarters. Also there are smaller towns/villages under the prescribed authority of the Onidere of Idere Land - Afua, Bakasa, Tobalogbo, Oba Igbole Oko Oba etc. There are seven Kingmakers(Afobajes ), Other traditional chiefs and small towns/villages heads that make up the Idere Traditional council.

The famed Eleko Idere of Irosun meji in Ifa panegyrics was an indigene of Idere Land, the spot where she used to sell her pap was preserved and recently built, modernised and beautified by the Idere Descendants' Vanguard with approval from Onidere-in-Council.

Idere is Sorrounded by hills and blessed with Agricultural lands. Its people are unique, they live for what they believe, they are resilent, industrious, truthful, honest and also accomodating. Multiple births are common among indigenes of Idere origin. Almost every house has at least a twin. Some of this multiple births deliveries are conducted at the nearest General hospital at Igboora being local authority headquarter, most of the multiple births within community are recorded in Igboora.

The Name 'IDERE'

There are two schools of thought on the derivation of the name - IDERE. (1) There used to be big snakes (pythons) in the forest area now called Idere in those days. Hunters used to pack and bind these big snakes (pythons) for easy carriage at a spot called Idere - Where we pack and bind the pythons (Ibi idi ere shortened as Idere). (2) Where they used to make good and strong amulets - Ibi ide rere shortened as Idere hence the cognomen in those days, "Idere mo `de, Osogbo Oroki, Iseyin oro omo ebedi moko."

List of Past and Present Onideres of Idere

  1. Oba Osikola (from Oyo'ro - to Ibona)
  2. Olunlade (Oba ni Ibona)
  3. Oyewole (from Ibona to Igbole Oko Oba)
  4. Ogbonnu (Igbole Oko Oba)
  5. Olubioku (Igbole Oko Oba)
  6. Olunloye I (moved from Igbole Oko Oba to Idere hills)
  7. Akinoso Orioke (Oba panpan lori esin)
  8. Olufiji (brought us to the present site)
  9. Oyepami Ajagbe (Oba at the present site).
  10. Teeye
  11. Ojo
  12. Gbangboye Atanda
  13. Olaleye Akinni Ala 18? - 1942
  14. Oyerogba Akande Ija (Jan 1943 - April 1956)
  15. Akintaro Akande 1959 -1973
  16. Oba Amos Eniola Olawore Olunloye II 1976 - 1998
  17. Oba Kingsley Onikola Oyelami (Olufiji II) 2000 - till date

List of all the quarters and clans Idere

      1. Agunyan
      2. Aree Ilu
      3. Alagba
      4. Alegun
      5. Baba Ibadan
      6. Eefin
      7. Olubuse (Ajana)
      8. Oke Oje
      9. Oloola
      1. Aare-ilu
      2. Adiomewa
      3. Ajalala
      4. Ajagba
      5. Alugbe
      6. Apesona
      7. Adagodo
      8. Agbede
      9. Babamogba
      10. Baale Sango
      11. Gbongbon
      12. Ida
      13. Iyanju
      14. Jagun
      15. Kongo
      16. Olona
      17. Olukosi
      18. Shanga
      1. Abidiosa Compound
      2. Abolu Compound
      3. Adanri Compound
      4. Agbode Compound
      5. Asuamo Compound
      6. Ajamu Oniko Compound
      7. Ara Oyo Compound
      8. Balogun Agbosoye
      9. Balogun Apokun
      10. Dongo Compound
      11. Daso foogun
      12. Lagila
      13. Oluferi
      14. Obe Compound
      15. Ogbinte
      16. Ofe lalowo
      17. Saaro
      1. Oba Akintaro
      2. Oba Olaleye
      3. Oba Olufiji
      4. Ile Oba
      5. Aromajagba
      6. alafua
      7. Bansa
      8. Ogunoroju
      9. Iya Sango

List of Societies and Clubs in Idere

  1. Emerald Club International Idere
  2. Amicable Social Club, Idere
  3. Social Reformers Klub, Idere
  4. Egbe Igbalaye, Idere
  5. Ola Anobi Society, Idere
  6. Marvelous Brothers, Idere
  7. The Pacesetters' League, Idere
  8. Ilesanmi Woman's Society, Idere
  9. Lovely Sisters Progressive Circle, Idere
  10. The Recreation Club, Idere
  11. Ilesanmi Society, Idere
  12. August Club 8 of Nigeria, Ijebu Ode
  13. Ibile Club, Idere
  14. The Dynamic Club, Idere
  15. Ayelogun Wives' Association, Igboora Branch
  16. Primary Health Workers, Idere
  17. Gbobaniyi Women's Society, Idere
  18. Club 20 of Idere
  19. Ilupeju Society, Idere
  20. Oredegbe Social Club, Idere
  21. United Society, Idere
  22. Ifedunni Social Club of Idere
  23. Exclusive Elegant Club of Idere
  24. Young Generations Club, Idere
  25. Idere Bright Brothers' Club, Idere
  26. Reformed Elite '72, Idere
  27. Unique Club of Idere
  28. Isokan Women's Club, Idere
  29. Idere Moonlight Club, Idere
  30. The Patriotic Sisters Idere
  31. Idere Carpenters Association, Idere
  32. Di Aye Klub, Idere
  33. Egbe Omo Ibile, Idere(Igboora)
  34. Optimal (inter.) Klobb, Igboora
  35. Orepeju Club 10
  36. Idere Wives Association, Ibadan Branch

List of all the Villages under Idere

  1. Tobalogbo
  2. Kondo
  3. Ajelanwa
  4. Odo Eye
  5. Aromajagba
  6. Araromi
  7. Oba
  8. Oba Abeegunde
  9. Afeefu
  10. Ibele
  11. Kookoo
  12. Tuture
  13. Otooro
  14. Akose
  15. Mami
  16. Adeyemi
  17. Orisabukola
  18. Abola
  19. Jagun
  20. Origi
  21. Araromi
  22. Kasan
  23. Ojamba
  24. Afaba
  25. Odeda
  26. Adeagbo
  27. Baba Isale
  28. Jagbe
  29. Igbo Igbaye
  30. Lanperu
  31. Abule Oja
  32. Abule Akere