IDERE DESCENDANTS' VANGUARD is a community group consisting of individuals who are indigenes of Idere town or residents who have imbibed our ways of life, culture and attributes.

This is a group of determined individuals who are ready to make impacts and contribute to the growth and development of IDERE land.

We are ready to be the vanguard of Idere project and we will deliver.

Our Vision

In the nearest future Idere Land should have become a land of reckoning in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large

Global, government and coorporate attentions and involment will be felt in the township

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure, enhance and emphasise our true identity and to improve the social cultural, economic and traditional status of Idere Land and to support ourselves, kinsmen,residents in whatever way we can in order to improve our|their status.

Idere will be made one of neatest and beautiful township with happy, healthy, educated and prosperous inhabitants

Making IDERE known and desirable is a mission we are committed to accomplish

Aims & Objectives

    To be a rallying point for issues of concern to Idere.

    To ensure relative peace, unity and cooperation among indigenes of Idere Land.

    To offer support to indegenes of Idere.

    Mobilization towards development of Idere Land.

    Organisation of the annual sociacultural event tagged, "IDERE AGBAJO FESTIVAL"

IDV Excos

Dr. Eyitayo B. Olagbenro


Mr. Oluseun O. OGUNLANA

General Secretary


Asst General Secretary

Mr. Nureni RAMONI

Financial Secretary

Mr. Olugbenga O. SUNDAY

Publicity Sec

Miss. Olubola B. OYEDIRAN


Mr. Oluseun Muyiwa LEKE

Chairman IAF